Nuggets of Wisdom from Naval

Nuggets of Wisdom from Naval

Life lessons from tweet storms on how to get rich, how to be happy, and so much more.

Naval Ravikant is a successful investor, having cofounded AngleList and invested in companies such as Uber and Twitter. Recently Naval’s been sharing some of his life philosophies, and people are listening. He wrote a 39-point twitter thread on How to Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky), which has over 25,000 shares and 70,000 likes. On June 4, 2019, Naval sat down with Joe Rogan to talk about everything from life, happiness, universal basic income and artificial intelligence. That conversation was “summarised” into 156 tweets.

The free book available here consists of those twitter threads, nicely formatted and ready to read on your preferred device. This is not designed to stand alone, but rather to accompany the talk between Naval and Joe. There was so much wisdom that one listen is unlikely to be enough, so this book will give you the chance to glance over the talking points, highlight important ideas, and hopefully remember more.

So once you’ve watched the conversation above, grab the book below:

The zip file contains pdf, epub, and mobi files.