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The Psychology of Sticking To Your Diet

When it comes to dieting we often choose to rely on our self-control–a notoriously fragile construct. It’s not easy walking past processed foods in the supermarket without picking up a snack. It’s not easy mustering the strength to cook a proper meal after a long day at the office. It’s not easy to order a…


The Scarcity Of Silence Is Slowly Killing Us

The “Intolerable corruption of human space.” — Luigi Russolo Take a second to listen to the world around you. Do you know what that is? It’s pollution. Maybe you were fortunate to have heard some birds singing, water running, kids playing, some light music you had put on earlier. But for most, it’s traffic, car…

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What Does Selling Out Do To The Band?

The Motivation to Create In an artists search for creative expression and endeavor comes the thought of value and worth. That value can come in many forms, anchored mostly in the artists reasons for creating it–Is it a means of creating social change? An act of rebellion? To raise awareness of the artists views towards…

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3 Little Facts About Rhythm And Your Brain

Music as a whole consists of many facets: Pitch, Loudness, Harmony, Timbre, Rhythm… The thing is, rhythm is a whole different beast to those others, it pulls us in with it’s timely thuds, even without our approval. Rhythm is the seat of music … Before we even notice that it’s music, its rhythmic character gets…

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