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Why The Sour Reaction to Rationalia?

On June 29, your personal astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson sent out this tweet: Earth needs a virtual country: #Rationalia, with a one-line Constitution: All policy shall be based on the weight of evidence — Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) June 29, 2016 I’m not sure even Neil deGrasse Tyson would have expected the reaction to this…

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Molly Crockett on Our Susceptibility to Bullshit

We are not the logical, rational, thought-filled creatures we like to pretend we are. We are prone to misdirection, to being led up the garden path, to being taken for a ride. Molly Crockett, a neuroscientist focusing on judgment and morality. In her 2012 TED Talk she illustrates some of the “neuro-bunk,” a particular type pf…

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