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Tag: philosophy

Making the Transition From Biological to Mechanical Mind

“I propose to consider the question, ‘Can machines think?’” —Alan Turing If we can map the brain in all its fine detail and reproduce it on a computer, perhaps we can upload people. As data residing in the cloud, life could extend on forever, the world we experience could consist of any conception from within…

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In the Future, Your Car Will Have Morals and May Want to Kill You

Chimpanzees and newborn children show a sense of morality. Infants, for instance, after having been given a small puppet show with a trio of characters, will display a desire to reach for the good puppet more so than a neutral or bad puppet. As we get older our sense of morality is further shaped and refined by the…

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How To Thrive In An Unpredictable Future

Change is the only constant, but thanks to science and technology, the rate of this change is ever increasing, and making the future far less predictable. It’s hard to know how much control we have over this change, as monetary greed and a passion for pushing the limits has us constantly on the edge of…


Setting Goals With Hunter S. Thompson and Jean-Paul Sartre

We set goals with the best of intentions, to improve upon our lives. But we’ve never really given enough thought to how we set them, and perhaps more importantly, how we go about achieving them. There are two underlying problems we can run into: We set our goals as end points, as things to achieve rather…

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