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Your Future-Self is Better at Taking Risks

Confronted with risks and gambles, people often make irrational decisions. This is no surprise—but what makes many of these errors in rationality so interesting is that we make them systematically. We are, to steal Dan Ariely’s words, predictably irrational.  One well-researched phenomenon is loss-aversion. Simply put, we prefer to avoid losses more than we enjoy equivalent…

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Are You A Possibilian?

Neuroscientist David Eagleman has popularized an alternative view regarding religious views, and he’s labeled it ‘possibilianism.’ The goal of possibilianism is to discourage certainty. Eagleman uses the example of space, in which even in a tiny dark patch of that night sky above us can contain many thousands of stars, making it clear that there is so…

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Setting Goals With Hunter S. Thompson and Jean-Paul Sartre

We set goals with the best of intentions, to improve upon our lives. But we’ve never really given enough thought to how we set them, and perhaps more importantly, how we go about achieving them. There are two underlying problems we can run into: We set our goals as end points, as things to achieve rather…

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