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Keep Your Eyes Peeled and Wallets Open

By now you’re probably aware that much of what you do online is being recorded. The main point behind this recording is prediction. People want to know who you are and how you think, so they can predict what you’ll buy and how you’ll consume. For regular internet abusers, there’s a lot of information out…

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The Problem With The Personality Test

Video from Vox. People love labels and categories. While this preference does help to take a load off the brain, it can lead to stereotyping and first impressions that mislead and mislabel people—including ourselves. It helps to be able to separate and measure certain aspects of our underlying personality, especially for research purposes. Finding the innate…

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Watson Is the New Freud: How AI is Psychoanalyzing You

What do your tweets, Facebook updates, blog posts or other written media say about you? You might be able to find out, as IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, learns the ropes of psychoanalysis. Your personality is plastered all over your online identity. We can already glean quite a lot from the words people use and the things they talk…

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How Personality Fuels Your Preference For Musical Complexity

“Repetition is not an arbitrary characteristic that has arisen in a particular style of music; rather, it is a fundamental characteristic of what we experience as music.” —On Repeat A recent study published in Plos One has been getting passed around, showing a link between music and thinking style. Thinking style was determined by where an individual…

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