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Use FutureLearn to Master Online Learning

Education is moving online, much like everything else, and this change brings with it both opportunities and pitfalls. For instance, we become self-directed, autonomous, in control of what we learn and when we learn it. We get to follow our curiosities and avoid anything mundane or boring. However, we must be able to find our…

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How Effective Is Background Music As A Learning Aid?

Music, in one form or another, makes use of the whole brain. This is because we use it in so many different ways and in such a variety of situations—sticking a pair of headphones on and drifting into your imagination; shaking your body in rhythmic synchronicity on a dance floor; picking up a guitar and shredding out…

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Are You As Smart As You Think You Are?

Research suggests that being an expert can encourage people to be less creative and more stubborn. The study comes from Loyola University of Chicago, in which participants were made to feel knowledgable in a subject through being asked easy questions, before being assessed for their openness. The researchers called the resulting closed-mindedness earned dogmatism. “When individuals perceive…

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Why Your Learning Goals Should Be Fuzzy

“In knowledge work we need our goals to be fuzzy.”—Gamestorming In a time where tech and science are driving change, our goals need to become adaptable. We can no longer set our sights on something strict, when so much of life can change in the blink of an eye. Information permeates through our lives in…

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How To Plug Your Information Gap With Curiosity

Curiosity, according to Ian Leslie, is said to come about by our awareness of an information gap. An information gap is that uncomfortable feeling that you don’t know something you think you should. You recognize the known unknown, a hole in your pool of knowledge. “The more we know, the better we are at thinking.”—Curious When an information…

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How To Learn The Most Important Skill There Is

You use your learning ability to pick up guitar, speak another language, get through calculus, and adapt to a new job. It underlies almost everything we do. It makes sense then, that learning how to learn should be something taught early and well maintained throughout life. If we can create stronger memories at a faster rate we…

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