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Metacognition and Self-Directed Learning

Metacognition is often described as ‘thinking about thinking.’ It’s about monitoring and controlling your mental processes. When you’re learning something, if you ask yourself questions like “how well do I understand this?” or “will I remember this?” you are engaging in metacognition. “It is an inherent property of intelligence that it can jump out of…

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My Digital Brain

Do you remember the password to your Facebook account? How about your email, Twitter, Spotify, Amazon, online banking, Instagram, WordPress, and LinkedIn accounts? Can you recall the names of all your Facebook “friends” and many other acquaintances, along with all the important birthdays throughout the year? Your post code, cell phone number, home number, tax number, ID number,…

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10 Rules for Teachers and Students

John Cage, who passed away in 1992, was an artist, philosopher, and composer of avant guard music. He was a disciple of Arnold Schoenberg, and later delved into Eastern philosophy and the idea of aleatoric music—music that incorporates elements of chance. One of his most notable pieces of music was 4’33”, a composition which instructs the…

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How to Learn Like Elon Musk

Elon Musk inspires a lot of people, and it’s not always for how rich he is. Actually, sometimes it’s because of the diverse and wide-ranging knowledge base he’s been able to acquire. He runs two separate billion dollar companies, Tesla and SpaceX. While they’re both devoted to travel, one revolves around electric cars while the other on…

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Myelin Is The Brain’s Lubricant

When we think of the biological process of learning, the synapse often presents itself as the topic of conversation. The little space between neurons where neurotransmitters are released and transferred. The more two neurons communicate, the better they become at this process. “The axon (the long output fiber) of a neuron is designed, down to the…

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