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How To Master Tough Subjects In 3 Steps

True understanding comes not from being able to recite large passages of text or memorize large collections of equations, but from the deeper understanding that allows you to adapt to novel situations and create new solutions to complex problems. Higher levels of knowledge require an intuitive grasp of everything from the tiniest details to the…

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How To Learn The Most Important Skill There Is

You use your learning ability to pick up guitar, speak another language, get through calculus, and adapt to a new job. It underlies almost everything we do. It makes sense then, that learning how to learn should be something taught early and well maintained throughout life. If we can create stronger memories at a faster rate we…

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A Quick Guide To Knowledge And Intelligence

“Beauty fades, dumb is forever.” — Judge Judy What constitutes knowledge? I know that I have two hands, I also know how to make them type on my keyboard, and I know the language in which I’m typing. Are these all the same forms of knowledge? They’re likely all stored as unique patterns of neurons that fire…

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Find Your Creativity By Using the 7 Gateways

The creative gateways. That’s what I like to call them. They’re the things you’ll often come into when people recommend ways to get creativity flowing. The things you do before that “A-ha” moment. That flash of insight. The apple on the head. Yes, you’ve probably heard most of these before, but does that mean you…

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