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Tag: intuition

Is Overconfidence Tearing the World Apart?

Is it good to think you’re better than you are? By most accounts, confidence is a positive characteristic. It convinces people to trust you, motivates you towards big goals, and is for the most part a more positive experience than doubt or uncertainty. Low confidence suggests a lack of belief in oneself. It will likely…

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The Problem With The Personality Test

Video from Vox. People love labels and categories. While this preference does help to take a load off the brain, it can lead to stereotyping and first impressions that mislead and mislabel people—including ourselves. It helps to be able to separate and measure certain aspects of our underlying personality, especially for research purposes. Finding the innate…

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Snap Judgements, Split Brains, and Strange Lies

There are many decisions we make in split seconds. Decisions that require no cognitive effort, no thought, no awareness. Where does the observation that you like this piece of music come from? How long did it take you to realize how beautiful that person is? Is your friends new car stylish or bland? Likely, each…

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