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How Effective Is Background Music As A Learning Aid?

Music, in one form or another, makes use of the whole brain. This is because we use it in so many different ways and in such a variety of situations—sticking a pair of headphones on and drifting into your imagination; shaking your body in rhythmic synchronicity on a dance floor; picking up a guitar and shredding out…

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Unshackle Yourself From The Present and Invest In Your Autopilot

We live from moment to moment, existing only in what we call the present, and having only a mental representation of what the past and future are. Do they exist? That really depends on what your definition of ‘past’ or ‘future’ is. Many people stress the importance of remaining present, to live in the moment,…

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The Scarcity Of Silence Is Slowly Killing Us

The “Intolerable corruption of human space.” — Luigi Russolo Take a second to listen to the world around you. Do you know what that is? It’s pollution. Maybe you were fortunate to have heard some birds singing, water running, kids playing, some light music you had put on earlier. But for most, it’s traffic, car…

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