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Is Your To-Do List Corrupting Your Mind?

“To attain the lofty heights of our society, one must possess nearly-psychotic focus. This focus comes at the cognitive expense of being able to see novel relationships among unrelated concepts.” —Andrew Smart, Autopilot We’ve been imbued with a notion that if we’re not doing something, and doing it in the most efficient way possible, we’re…

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Make Yourself Smarter By Making Yourself Uncomfortable

Making people think more rationally can be achieved by breaking their expectations. For example, you might change the obituaries to seem as though people are happy about the death. You might replace some of your dinner guests plates on labor day with halloween versions. Or you might see a wedding with a green dress, purple…

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Unshackle Yourself From The Present and Invest In Your Autopilot

We live from moment to moment, existing only in what we call the present, and having only a mental representation of what the past and future are. Do they exist? That really depends on what your definition of ‘past’ or ‘future’ is. Many people stress the importance of remaining present, to live in the moment,…

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Do Meditators Exist? What Neuroscience Has To Say

When Rene Descartes declared “I think therefore I am,” what type of thinking do you suppose he meant?  Marcus E. Raichle discovered the default mode network, and in 2005 showed that the human brain is intrinsically organized into dynamic, anti-correlated systems. The default mode is deactivated when we use the task positive network — which, unfortunately, is…

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A Healthy Mind Requires Mindfulness and Daydreams

You don’t need to look far to find support for Mindfulness. Whether you’ve tried it or not, the benefits are unmistakable. With a plethora of both endorsements and scientific studies to back it up, mindfulness meditation is fast becoming the recommended exercise for our brains. Mindfulness is an act of being in the moment, focused…

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Find the Time for a Wandering Mind

Mindfulness helps us meditate, focus, and rid ourselves of stress and anxiety. But at what cost? Focus is an in demand commodity today, we all want it, if only our easily distracted minds would play ball (or maybe that’s the problem). As you might know by now, we get distracted at rather inconvenient times—during exams,…

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