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Now AI Can Turn Your Brain Waves into Text

Brain-machine interfaces have come a long way in the last decade. Now a group of computer scientists and neuroscientists from the University of San Francisco have taken things a step further. The researchers used two neural networks to decode their participant’s brain activity and determine what they were saying. What they achieved was real-time translation…

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In the Future, Your Car Will Have Morals and May Want to Kill You

Chimpanzees and newborn children show a sense of morality. Infants, for instance, after having been given a small puppet show with a trio of characters, will display a desire to reach for the good puppet more so than a neutral or bad puppet. As we get older our sense of morality is further shaped and refined by the…

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Are We Destined to Fall in Love with Androids?

Sex between species is relatively rare, but it does happen. Seals have forced themselves on penguins out of sexual frustration; dolphins have taken to cetaceans to assert dominance; zebras and horses have birthed zorses; and dogs occasionally get too friendly with our legs. Even ancestral humans strayed enough to mix our genes with that of the…

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Watson Is the New Freud: How AI is Psychoanalyzing You

What do your tweets, Facebook updates, blog posts or other written media say about you? You might be able to find out, as IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, learns the ropes of psychoanalysis. Your personality is plastered all over your online identity. We can already glean quite a lot from the words people use and the things they talk…

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