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Category: Unproductivity

There is an endless supply of tips and tools around the internet trying to help us become more productive. Our society is driving us to do more, and while this has lead to some incredible advances in life, I believe that it also has a downside—we become machines moving from one task to another, we constantly lose time, we get lost in tasks and todo lists and goals, and we end up missing on some of the best things about life—such as relaxing and enjoying the moment.

Is Your To-Do List Corrupting Your Mind?

“To attain the lofty heights of our society, one must possess nearly-psychotic focus. This focus comes at the cognitive expense of being able to see novel relationships among unrelated concepts.” —Andrew Smart, Autopilot We’ve been imbued with a notion that if we’re not doing something, and doing it in the most efficient way possible, we’re…

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Find the Time for a Wandering Mind

Mindfulness helps us meditate, focus, and rid ourselves of stress and anxiety. But at what cost? Focus is an in demand commodity today, we all want it, if only our easily distracted minds would play ball (or maybe that’s the problem). As you might know by now, we get distracted at rather inconvenient times—during exams,…

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