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Psychology can tell us a great deal about what it means to be human, but neuroscience is helping us delve further into the brain to find out the neural correlates of these human features. It is providing us with even more amazing insights into who we are, and will be the science that helps to solve the many mysteries of the most complex thing we know of.

How You (and a Computer) Learn the ‘Rules of the Game’

In 1848, the 25-year-old Phineas Gage was working on a railroad in Vermont, packing explosive powder into a hole with an iron tamper. Unexpectedly, the powder exploded, sending the tamper backwards through Gage’s skull and brain. That he survived is a miracle, but astonishingly he even seemed capable of functioning effectively, maintaining normal memory, speech,…

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The Bicameral Mind and Our Constant Inner Monologue

If you’re not already familiar with the HBO series Westworld, I highly recommend checking it out. The new series is created by Johnathan Nolan and Lisa Joy but is based on a 1973 film by Michael Crichton. It stars Sir Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood, and is set in a Western-themed amusement park called…

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From Subatomic Particles to Our Sense of Self

While there is still debate, most scientists agree that consciousness and thought are a result of the physical interactions taking place in our brain. While we certainly cannot ignore the role our body and environment play in thinking, it is in the brain where everything congregates and mingles, where each little artifact of experience is woven into…


Myelin Is The Brain’s Lubricant

When we think of the biological process of learning, the synapse often presents itself as the topic of conversation. The little space between neurons where neurotransmitters are released and transferred. The more two neurons communicate, the better they become at this process. “The axon (the long output fiber) of a neuron is designed, down to the…

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Snap Judgements, Split Brains, and Strange Lies

There are many decisions we make in split seconds. Decisions that require no cognitive effort, no thought, no awareness. Where does the observation that you like this piece of music come from? How long did it take you to realize how beautiful that person is? Is your friends new car stylish or bland? Likely, each…

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Unshackle Yourself From The Present and Invest In Your Autopilot

We live from moment to moment, existing only in what we call the present, and having only a mental representation of what the past and future are. Do they exist? That really depends on what your definition of ‘past’ or ‘future’ is. Many people stress the importance of remaining present, to live in the moment,…

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