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Unlike other creative pursuits, music makes use of our entire brains. While a select few actually perform or compose music, we are all expert music listeners. We use it to alter our mood—to energize, motivate, console, or uplift us. This powerful feature of humanity is not well understood—why is it here? Does it provide an evolutionary benefit? These are important questions that scientists are striving to answer.

How Effective Is Background Music As A Learning Aid?

Music, in one form or another, makes use of the whole brain. This is because we use it in so many different ways and in such a variety of situations—sticking a pair of headphones on and drifting into your imagination; shaking your body in rhythmic synchronicity on a dance floor; picking up a guitar and shredding out…

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Want To Understand Political Debates? Become A Musician

You may have noticed that when you’re in a crowded room such as a bar or restaurant, you have relatively little trouble in paying attention to what your social companion is saying. This is known as the cocktail party effect—we can ignore competing noise, even if it comes in the form of other voices and conversations, to…

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How Personality Fuels Your Preference For Musical Complexity

“Repetition is not an arbitrary characteristic that has arisen in a particular style of music; rather, it is a fundamental characteristic of what we experience as music.” —On Repeat A recent study published in Plos One has been getting passed around, showing a link between music and thinking style. Thinking style was determined by where an individual…

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What Does Selling Out Do To The Band?

The Motivation to Create In an artists search for creative expression and endeavor comes the thought of value and worth. That value can come in many forms, anchored mostly in the artists reasons for creating it–Is it a means of creating social change? An act of rebellion? To raise awareness of the artists views towards…

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3 Little Facts About Rhythm And Your Brain

Music as a whole consists of many facets: Pitch, Loudness, Harmony, Timbre, Rhythm… The thing is, rhythm is a whole different beast to those others, it pulls us in with it’s timely thuds, even without our approval. Rhythm is the seat of music … Before we even notice that it’s music, its rhythmic character gets…

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A Search For The Perfect Song

Music is searching for itself, and we’re the observers. I’ve heard a few assumptions about music recently—now I’m sure these don’t apply to everyone, but they’ve come up often enough that I feel the need to talk a little about them. Alan Levine Radio Free Strawberry First, I’ve heard a great deal from many people…

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