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Category: Connecting the Dots

The essential guide to learning how to learn for modern day thinkers.

Education never ends, but to get the most from it, we need to know how to learn.

Connecting the Dots will explore what memory is, why we forget, and how to learn more efficiently in the digital era.


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Chunking: Is This The Secret to Our Powerful Minds?

I’d like to put your mind to the test. Try adding 1 to each of these numbers individually: 4826. It’s not too difficult. The result is 5937. Now, when we get to 9, adding 1 makes it 0. So the next number will become 6048. Your challenge is to continue adding 1 to this series of numbers,…


How Effective Is Background Music As A Learning Aid?

Music, in one form or another, makes use of the whole brain. This is because we use it in so many different ways and in such a variety of situations—sticking a pair of headphones on and drifting into your imagination; shaking your body in rhythmic synchronicity on a dance floor; picking up a guitar and shredding out…

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How To Thrive In An Unpredictable Future

Change is the only constant, but thanks to science and technology, the rate of this change is ever increasing, and making the future far less predictable. It’s hard to know how much control we have over this change, as monetary greed and a passion for pushing the limits has us constantly on the edge of…


Are You As Smart As You Think You Are?

Research suggests that being an expert can encourage people to be less creative and more stubborn. The study comes from Loyola University of Chicago, in which participants were made to feel knowledgable in a subject through being asked easy questions, before being assessed for their openness. The researchers called the resulting closed-mindedness earned dogmatism. “When individuals perceive…

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Why Your Learning Goals Should Be Fuzzy

“In knowledge work we need our goals to be fuzzy.”—Gamestorming In a time where tech and science are driving change, our goals need to become adaptable. We can no longer set our sights on something strict, when so much of life can change in the blink of an eye. Information permeates through our lives in…

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Watson Is the New Freud: How AI is Psychoanalyzing You

What do your tweets, Facebook updates, blog posts or other written media say about you? You might be able to find out, as IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, learns the ropes of psychoanalysis. Your personality is plastered all over your online identity. We can already glean quite a lot from the words people use and the things they talk…

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How To Master Tough Subjects In 3 Steps

True understanding comes not from being able to recite large passages of text or memorize large collections of equations, but from the deeper understanding that allows you to adapt to novel situations and create new solutions to complex problems. Higher levels of knowledge require an intuitive grasp of everything from the tiniest details to the…

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How To Learn The Most Important Skill There Is

You use your learning ability to pick up guitar, speak another language, get through calculus, and adapt to a new job. It underlies almost everything we do. It makes sense then, that learning how to learn should be something taught early and well maintained throughout life. If we can create stronger memories at a faster rate we…

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