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Category: Connecting the Dots

The essential guide to learning how to learn for modern day thinkers.

Education never ends, but to get the most from it, we need to know how to learn.

Connecting the Dots will explore what memory is, why we forget, and how to learn more efficiently in the digital era.


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How to Write

“If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.” —George Orwell It’s easy to have an opinion without fully understanding why we have it. We experience things and they imprint a certain feeling within us, a feeling we can express with a few…

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10 Rules for Teachers and Students

John Cage, who passed away in 1992, was an artist, philosopher, and composer of avant guard music. He was a disciple of Arnold Schoenberg, and later delved into Eastern philosophy and the idea of aleatoric music—music that incorporates elements of chance. One of his most notable pieces of music was 4’33”, a composition which instructs the…

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How to Learn Like Elon Musk

Elon Musk inspires a lot of people, and it’s not always for how rich he is. Actually, sometimes it’s because of the diverse and wide-ranging knowledge base he’s been able to acquire. He runs two separate billion dollar companies, Tesla and SpaceX. While they’re both devoted to travel, one revolves around electric cars while the other on…

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Myelin Is The Brain’s Lubricant

When we think of the biological process of learning, the synapse often presents itself as the topic of conversation. The little space between neurons where neurotransmitters are released and transferred. The more two neurons communicate, the better they become at this process. “The axon (the long output fiber) of a neuron is designed, down to the…

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How Our Reliance on Patterns Governs Our Lives

Read over this list of words once, and try to read them reasonably quickly, you’ll be tested on them later: Snow, Ice, Weather, Sun, Rain, Water, Rainbow, Tree, Summer, Cloud, Sky So much of our lives rest on our ability to find and anticipate patterns. Patterns drive the majority of our behavior. Our habits are…

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Use FutureLearn to Master Online Learning

Education is moving online, much like everything else, and this change brings with it both opportunities and pitfalls. For instance, we become self-directed, autonomous, in control of what we learn and when we learn it. We get to follow our curiosities and avoid anything mundane or boring. However, we must be able to find our…

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