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The world today relies and thrives through creativity—whether it’s from innovation in the tech, science, and business worlds, or simply through the artistic endeavors of artists, musicians, authors and more. Creativity is a human trait that we’re all born with, but must work to maintain and improve upon, it’s a skill that we all should practice more of.

How To Plug Your Information Gap With Curiosity

Curiosity, according to Ian Leslie, is said to come about by our awareness of an information gap. An information gap is that uncomfortable feeling that you don’t know something you think you should. You recognize the known unknown, a hole in your pool of knowledge. “The more we know, the better we are at thinking.”—Curious When an information…

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Is There Creativity In Ignorance?

Natalie Portman recently gave a commencement speech at Harvard. She made an interesting point about inexperience and originality: “Fear protects us in many ways, but what has served me is diving into my own obliviousness. Being more confident than I should be … trying things that you never would have tried. Your inexperience is an…

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Awe, Insight, and Flow: The Keys to Breaking New Ground

As a species we’re intent on pushing the limit. There’s really no telling how far we’ll go — to the edges of space and time itself? Or to a self-inflicted oblivion? Whatever the answer, we’re not going to stop trying to push forward anytime soon. We like innovation and creativity, we thrive off of it,…

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What Does Selling Out Do To The Band?

The Motivation to Create In an artists search for creative expression and endeavor comes the thought of value and worth. That value can come in many forms, anchored mostly in the artists reasons for creating it–Is it a means of creating social change? An act of rebellion? To raise awareness of the artists views towards…

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Find Your Creativity By Using the 7 Gateways

The creative gateways. That’s what I like to call them. They’re the things you’ll often come into when people recommend ways to get creativity flowing. The things you do before that “A-ha” moment. That flash of insight. The apple on the head. Yes, you’ve probably heard most of these before, but does that mean you…

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