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Category: Brain Hacks

Our brain runs on heuristics, and suffers from many biases. In many ways this is harmful, but with knowledge and understanding it is possible to subvert many of the negatives and in some cases, even create some positives.

Chunking: Is This The Secret to Our Powerful Minds?

I’d like to put your mind to the test. Try adding 1 to each of these numbers individually: 4826. It’s not too difficult. The result is 5937. Now, when we get to 9, adding 1 makes it 0. So the next number will become 6048. Your challenge is to continue adding 1 to this series of numbers,…


The Problem and Solution to Freedom of Choice

With unlimited choice comes unlimited ways to be disappointed. The Fox and the Cat is an ancient fable that highlights this point. In the story, the fox brags of his many tactics and maneuvers of escape, while the cat can only confess to having one. However, as hunters show up with their hounds, the cat quickly…

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Make Yourself Smarter By Making Yourself Uncomfortable

Making people think more rationally can be achieved by breaking their expectations. For example, you might change the obituaries to seem as though people are happy about the death. You might replace some of your dinner guests plates on labor day with halloween versions. Or you might see a wedding with a green dress, purple…

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How To Plug Your Information Gap With Curiosity

Curiosity, according to Ian Leslie, is said to come about by our awareness of an information gap. An information gap is that uncomfortable feeling that you don’t know something you think you should. You recognize the known unknown, a hole in your pool of knowledge. “The more we know, the better we are at thinking.”—Curious When an information…

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4 Powerful Reasons To Change The Past, With A Short Guide

Each time we recall a memory, we change it subtly, altering the small details, and doing so unknowingly. Over time, these small details can end up changing a great deal of the original memory. They can become so distorted as to be reminiscent of the telephone game — each time the message is transferred, some…

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Is There Creativity In Ignorance?

Natalie Portman recently gave a commencement speech at Harvard. She made an interesting point about inexperience and originality: “Fear protects us in many ways, but what has served me is diving into my own obliviousness. Being more confident than I should be … trying things that you never would have tried. Your inexperience is an…

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How To Make Both Your Selves Happy

“Happiness, in fact, is a condition that must be prepared for, cultivated, and defended privately by each person. People who learn to control inner experience will be able to determine the quality of their lives, which is as close as any of us can come to being happy.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi makes the distinction between enjoyment…

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