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Category: Behavior

Why do we do the things we do? Our behavior is a complex field that many philosophers and psychologists are still trying to understand. Some aspects of behavior are unconscious—such as habits, innate reactions, and idiosyncracies; others are conscious, such as our curiosity to explore, our desire to learn one thing over another, and how we decide to spend our free time.

How Our Reliance on Patterns Governs Our Lives

Read over this list of words once, and try to read them reasonably quickly, you’ll be tested on them later: Snow, Ice, Weather, Sun, Rain, Water, Rainbow, Tree, Summer, Cloud, Sky So much of our lives rest on our ability to find and anticipate patterns. Patterns drive the majority of our behavior. Our habits are…

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The Problem With The Personality Test

Video from Vox. People love labels and categories. While this preference does help to take a load off the brain, it can lead to stereotyping and first impressions that mislead and mislabel people—including ourselves. It helps to be able to separate and measure certain aspects of our underlying personality, especially for research purposes. Finding the innate…

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The Importance of How We Frame Our Self-Control

“The ant in Aesop’s fable instinctively knows what it has to do to prepare for the future, and when summer comes it drags off the food it will need for the winter. But we don’t have the ant’s instincts, and evolution has not yet adapted our brain for dealing concretely with the distant future.” — Walter…

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Awe, Insight, and Flow: The Keys to Breaking New Ground

As a species we’re intent on pushing the limit. There’s really no telling how far we’ll go — to the edges of space and time itself? Or to a self-inflicted oblivion? Whatever the answer, we’re not going to stop trying to push forward anytime soon. We like innovation and creativity, we thrive off of it,…

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